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"Favorite Parts:
Sam! He’s a lovable and charming pup!
The romance. Jessica and Trey have a sweet insta-love connection.
The holiday atmosphere

Jessica’s holiday isn’t off to a great start. After the break-up with her fiancee, who left her for another woman, and the death of her beloved dog, Jessica is determined to remain positive. When a scruffy dog appears in her yard and refuses to leave, Jessica brings him to the local vet and tries to find his owner.

Jessica learns that the dog’s name is Sam, and his owner, Trey, is hospitalized – a victim of a drunk driver. When Jessica reconnects Sam with Trey, she realizes that her holiday is starting to look up. Trey is handsome and charming, and he and Jessica connect instantly.

Jessica and Trey are a well-suited couple. They are both kind and sincere, and they have such positive outlooks on life even when things aren’t going their way. I also like that they are both so caring and selfless. Jessica, for example, takes in a stray dog (Sam), gets Sam medical attention, and then looks for Sam’s owner while sheltering the dog. Like Jessica, Trey is generous and often shows how appreciative he is of those who help him and Sam.

Sam is so sweet and charming! He has a jubilant and playful personality that endears everyone he meets. I love that this wonderful dog brought Jessica and Trey together. They probably never would have met if Jessica hadn’t happened upon Sam, and I like how Sam seems to connect people on so many different levels.

A sweet contemporary romance with a wonderful holiday spirit, Paws for Christmas is a heart-warming story. I do wish that there was a little more showing and a little less telling, but overall it is a light and fun read." Reviewed by Astilbe

Kindness never goes unrewarded.

Jessica was a deeply kind and empathetic woman. She often bent over backwards to help others with no expectation of reciprocation or reward. Honestly, she’s the sort of person I would want to have around in a crisis. There was no limit to the thoughtful things she did to make the lives of other people better. My one wish for her was that she would finally get to be on the receiving end of all of the joy she created for those around her. She didn’t seem like the sort of person who would ever ask for something like that, but she sure did seem to need it.

The scenes that included Jessica getting regular updates about the health of the stranger whose dog she was taking care of yanked me out of the plot because of the strict rules that nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers must follow about sharing any information about their patients without consent. This is behavior that can result in healthcare professionals getting fired or paying huge fines in the United States, so I was quite confused about why it kept happening in this novel. There was no explanation for why no one was worried about this. It would have made so much more sense for a grateful relative to share updates with Jessica so she’d know if or when Sam might be able to go live with Trey again.

The island Jessica lived on had such a strong sense of community. Most of the people who lived there had known each other for years, and they were always around when someone needed assistance or had extra cookies to share. There was something wonderful about reading about all of the celebration they had, especially the ones that were somehow related to Christmas. They sure knew how to have a good time and include anyone who wanted to join in.

Paws for Christmas was a heartwarming read for the holid
ay season.

                          It’s the Holidays and Jessica Munroe seems destined for misery. Nonetheless she is trying to make the best of it. Her fiancé Jake, an emergency room doctor, dumped her for his nurse and just two weeks prior, she had to put her dog, her best friend, Mazy to sleep.
  The pain of losing both the man she loved, and her best friend has taken her to a new low. Jessica, determined not to stay down, is now hard at work trying to push through the holiday season by doubling up on Christmas lights and decorations she’s putting up outside her residence.
  As Jessica works, a big brown scruffy dog appears in her yard and refuses to leave when she tries to shoo him away. He’s filthy, looks hungry, and seems like he needs help. A dog lover, Jessica takes him to her vet who discovers a metal bone shaped tag buried in his matted fur. The tag reveals his name, Sam, and a phone number to call if he is lost or injured.
  Sam’s owner Trey Musgrove is in the hospital the victim of a head-on collision. Now Jessica’s life is about to change forever thanks to Sam, this big brown scruffy lovable dog.


Gianna Korm - NanasBookReviews
Paws for Christmas by Mariah Lynne is a wonderful romantic story.

Jessica Monroe Lived in Hibiscus Island and worked as an associate editor and contributing writer for a national online travel magazine, Dream Travel. Her fiance had left her for a nurse a couple of months before Christmas and a few weeks later she had to put her loving dog to sleep. She wasn’t at her best but she wasn’t going to mope around forever. Since holidays were a big deal for their little island she decided to be in the Christmas spirit by decorating her house. When she finished and was admiring her handiwork a very big and dirty dog appeared in her yard, Sam. She tried to shoo him away but he refused to go. Jessica pitied him and took him to the vet. Thankfully the dog had a collar and a tag so it would be easy to find his owner. The dog’s owner was Trey Musgrove, a divorce attorney who had a terrible accident and was in a coma. Everyone in Hibiscus saw Jessica as a guardian angel because she cared for the community and especially those who were alone and in need. That’s what she decided to do with Sam and his owner. When she and Trey met in person their lives changed for the better, he brought her luck and happiness and she showed him what true love was.

The plot is so touching with all the kindness and pure love. It’s well written, told by a third pov, with great detailed holiday sceneries. It’s a light book, easy to read with amazing characters. Jessica was truly an angel, she had this unconditional love for everyone and she never expected anything in return. It’s something we rarely see in novels and don’t let me start for the real world.

I fell in love with this book, I read it in just one evening. You will enjoy it as well especially now with these strange holidays we are about to spend. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it!!! Five stars from me.

The Feel Good Gift for the Holidays!

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