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I’m always asked how I came up with the idea of a certain character or story.  “The Duchess’ Necklace” evolved from a wonderful trip I took ten years ago. While visiting good friends in England, our hosts took us to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire located in the East

Midlands Region.

Chatsworth* stands on the east bank of the River Derwent and looks across two scenic valleys. A large stately manor house surrounded by 105 acres of colorful lovely gardens and waterworks, it serves as the seat and residence of the 12th Duke of Devonshire. As we walked the gardens and visited as many of the thirty rooms as allowed, my mind wondered what it would have been like to live there as a duchess during the heyday of royalty.

Imagine walking by artwork from all over the world including the Old Masters and artifacts from ancient Egypt on a daily basis, or sitting on hand crafted furnishings in front of the library’s elaborate marble fireplace reading leather bound first editions. As we toured, I fancied walking by beautiful ladies in waiting who graced the halls in their long flowing dresses and by uniformed servants always ready to take care of the smallest royal need. My mind wouldn’t let go of this fantasy. It stayed with me for years.

When I began to write “The Duchess’ Necklace”, I knew her fictional manor would be influenced by my visit to Chatsworth. I then imagined what kind of woman my fictional 18th century duchess was. I like my heroines independent and feisty similar to Brianna Breeze in “The Love Gypsy” so I knew the duchess had to be ahead of her time especially in romance.

I researched English names popular during that time and chose Amelia Augusta Ethrington, the Duchess of Abbington, fourth in line to the throne. She was too free spirited to share her title thus relinquishing any of her power to a man, at least not to any of the men she met in her own time.

So something had to make it necessary for her to Travel. ~~Jewels. 

If you are lover of jewelry, like I am, think of how magnificent and intricate the pieces from that era were and are. Her stunning necklace loaded with large emeralds and diamonds served as her crown, her claim to her duchy. If it were stolen especially by a handsome Traveler, she would have to find a conduit to the present. And there you have it. Her personal story, a quest filled with Revenge, Romance and Royal Jewels, begins. I hope you’ll read “The Duchess’ Necklace” to learn what happens to Amelia, her jewels, and discover if she is capable of finding true love. *Just a footnote on Chatsworth. For movie buffs, myself being one, the regal manor has appeared in “Pride and Prejudice”, “The Duchess” and “The Wolfman”. PBS recently aired a BBC documentary on Chatsworth.

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"..... an unexpected twist at the end. paced and engaging story.

....searching for their true love, this book would be great for those both old and young. It is a story that takes you through time, on an adventure of love and excitement." 

Reviewed by: Cassandra Wengewicz - Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild

"As those familiar with history know, the next male kin inherits the royal title…that is not the case in this tale. Amelia’s great-great-great uncle was given a necklace from the king to serve as the crown, to be handed down to any man or woman of his kin. Amelia now holds this precious necklace, showing her entitlement to the Duchy of Abbington. She never takes the necklace off…until now.

Time travelers from the future frequent her time, many wanting to learn trades of past jewelers or other craftsmen. She fancies a traveler known as Stuart Minton. Amelia opens her self to him and wakes up to find her necklace, her only proof of her title is gone. She knows Minton must have used her and taken it. She knows she must contact Starr and once again travel through time to solve her problem.

During her travels, Amelia runs into Ryan, whom she had seen in her last time travel visit. She soon finds he is the man of her dreams, one she has never been able to find. She is forced to make a difficult decision, pursue her one true love or reclaim her only proof of title. Will she be able to reclaim her family jewels or will she choose to live a life of love with Ryan?

This is a story that has an unexpected twist at the end. The Dutchess’ Necklace tells of true love that surpasses time itself. With a mixture of romance, history, and fiction this is a fast paced and engaging story. As many are searching for their true love, this book would be great for those both old and young. It is a story that takes you through time, on an adventure of love and excitement.

Will Amelia be able to recapture her jewels?
Will Amelia try to remain in the 21st century with her love Ryan?
Will Amelia try to Travel back to her life of wealth and power as the Duchess?

A page turning romantic adventure February 20, 2018
Format: Paperback
Wonderful story. A page turner of a time travel romantic adventure. Strong willed duchess is in the fight of her life to keep her title. In the process she meets a wonderful man and falls in love. Should she give up her title to be with the man she loves?
-Amazon reader

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