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Florida homicide detective Brianna Breeze can’t seem to catch a man unless she handcuffs him! So her best friend decides to take matters into her own hands and tricks Brianna into seeing the Love Gypsy, a time traveler’s friend noted for her extraordinary matchmaking skills.

 When a tall, muscular man wearing jeans, a black leather jacket and slicked back 50’s hair bursts in on her first visit, Brianna is bewitched. Despite the gypsy’s warning not to get involved with him, Brianna can’t get him out of her mind – even though she more than anyone knows the pitfalls of romancing a stranger.

 A present day murder, a mysterious vintage car registered in the past, and a smoking gun complicate the puzzle. Brianna doesn’t know if her lover from the past is a murderer, or a savior, but she’s willing to risk time travel to find out.

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"When I first picked up The Love Gypsy, I knew I was in for a treat. How could the novel not be thrilling with a gypsy fortune teller, time travel, cops and criminals? To me, that is a perfect mix for a delightfully fun story. The novel is.."  read the entire review 

"very entertaining story with a lovely, satisfying end...delightful.."  Mac- TwoLips -
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"overall this is a splendid, delightful romance that hits many of the good spots. It’s the perfect book to curl up with over a weekend or one night in front of a warm fire with a sparkling glass of wine"   Fern- Long and Short Reviews -
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The Duchess'

Amelia Augusta Ethrington, 18th century Duchess of Abbington, fourth in line to the English throne, is considered by society an old maid at thirty two. She refuses to marry and relinquish royal authority to a husband. Instead, she finds romance in trysts with total strangers. Amelia’s sole entitlement to her duchy is an intricate and valuable necklace, The Abbington Jewels. An unscrupulous Traveler wishing to steal the jewels and sell them at future prices seduces her catching her off guard and snatching the necklace.

Amelia must now risk everything to Travel with the aid of a kind gypsy seer to find the thieving scoundrel, kill him and retrieve her title before her jealous male cousins lay claim to her duchy. Complications arise after she meets a handsome shy man, a museum appraiser sent to acquire the jewels. Amelia falls in love with him but realizes she must focus on her quest to regain both her necklace and title. The Duchess is now faced with the most difficult decision of her life.


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